Pastures New

To all of our customers, supporters & friends, the time has come where we feel we have realised our potential in the space that we are in, and so we are on the lookout for a brand NEW PREMISES!

In the quest for our ideal plot, it does mean however that, with a heavy heart, we are marketing our shed FOR SALE!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last three and half years, meeting all of the wonderful people that have graced us with their custom and support. This concept we seemed to have inadvertently carved out deserves to be unleashed to a wider audience, and of course, we hope you will remember us when we move on as you will be most welcome to pay us a visit once we are up and running, wherever that may be.

With love and thanks
Ben & Andrea!

(If you or you have friends that might be interested in our property, please pass on this entry. It would suit a start-up business or an existing home business wishing to extend into a first retail outlet. Below is a link to the listing.)

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