5 Stars & Summer Sounds at Stydd

5 Star

Yesterday was a precious moment in the building of Fullaloves Wines. As our tapas offering has grown from very simple beginnings of olives and nuts, to now a modest but authentic style of tapas delights to accompany your wine. In celebration we have been awarded a 5 Star rating! We're very thankful to our local food safety inspection officer (won't mention names but I'm sure she and others locally will know who I mean!) for her support over the years.

In the same week; both The Café at Stydd and Rosie Duck also; we're awarded the same accolade, this is just the epitomy of the efforts of everyone at Stydd Gardens to make your experience here the best it can be!

Summer Sounds at Stydd

Only 2 days until we host our annual party with live music, coinciding with the conclusion of this years Ribfest. If you'd like to come along, please call in for tickets, or email us at ben@fullaloves.co.uk

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