New Years Resolutions

And so we find ourselves already through the majority of January, how many of you have kept to your resolutions as we all try every year? Quit smoking, stop eating so much fast food, cut back on this, stop doing that and the other, as well as a particular bug-bear... cut back the booze or stay dry for the month! All very negative and no way to start as you mean to go on.

I say be positive!! Start something or do more!

Myself and Andrea have joined the gym, and so far its great, we try to go at least 3-4 times a week. We feel better for it and means we can justify indulging a little more every so often (we also have a trip away in the sun to tone up for!!). I implore all of us to do more exercise, but stay dry for the month?! The alcoholic equivalent of "going cold turkey". If anything, that gym session or jog along the canal bank will make you feel a whole load better so you can justify and reward yourself to my next resolution suggestion!

Don't give it up, just drink better wine!!

Better wine doesn't always mean more expensive, it means better value, believe me; an extra couple of quid spent with your local wine specialist rather than those peddling the big mass produced brands, will give you a wine that may be 3 or 4 times better in quality, (the economics of this I'll not go into in this post but it's no doubt this space!). It also means that you might buy a third less wine; so whilst you are still cutting back both monetary and healthily (although there is also another argument there!), on the occasions you do indulge; you will be treated to a far better experience.
Now that is the way to start the new year!!

Ill give you a heads up;
The torturous but rewarding gym we now frequent is Crossfit Clitheroe; great bunch of people instructed by a well organised, talented, interactive and very motivational coaches.

Follow your workout by (of course lots of water and an intake of protein) this superb the Liberator Francophile Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch South Africa; to wash down any Seafood, Fish or light Chicken dish (there is your protein!) £9.50

Or for something a little more warming during these still dark and damp days; try this stunning Bodegas Castano 'Hecula' Monastrell from Yecla in Spain, expect plums, figs and berries integrated perfectly with wooden notes and a long pleasant aftertaste. Perfect match for a seasonal hearty game broth or stew and roasted meats. £8.50

As always, we have a range of wines on offer, and a rotating few open for you to try by the glass, (we normally have both of the above open).

Lastly, we are taking booking for your private parties or events, enjoy a very informal evening amongst friends & family trying a host of different wines in a friendly cosy atmosphere, accompanied by platters of Mediterranean inspired tapas style food, (think the beautiful and
culinary Spanish town of San Sebastian, famous for its "Pintxos"). A perfect evening for groups of up to 15, get in touch or visit us for more information, and look out for upcoming wine tastings coming soon.

Thank you and see you soon
Ben & Andrea

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