Its an increasingly difficult dilemma...

...buying wine!!
The motivation of this new ad-venture has been (I cannot be the only one!) that I have always found trying to find a decent drop at a price I am willing to pay so terribly difficult. All I want is to have confidence that the wine I have chosen; I will enjoy at the end of a working week, to the point where I felt I needed to understand much more than I did in order to avoid the recurring disappointment of investing hard earned cash from the week in an often characterless, homogeneous wine that was "on offer" or a recognisable brand name adorned with a fancy colourful label and elaborate convincing wino terms I secretly struggled to understand or relate to.

I attempted to take advice from friends as to wines they have enjoyed in the past, however, of course; whilst wine continues to develop with age, there is vintage variation etc. but ultimately everybody has different tastes, and indeed we all taste differently rendering the tact somewhat inconsistent.

The decision is fast becoming a more and more difficult process given the continuous rise in duty that governments deem fit to adhere to alcohol (another argument totally!) and the increase in basic living costs; wine continues to sever itself from being a household item into exclusive luxury good. Justification for such an expense should not be so indecisive.

In amongst this expanse of uncertainty whenever you want to take a Shiraz home on a Friday (staying in is the new going out it appears!) only the specialists offer any kind of human interaction to allay your fears of parting with your cash to make your decision a justified one, in most high street stores or supermarket chains you are left to work it out yourself greeted with 2 full rows stacked 4 high of bottles, it is a daunting experience.

This is my first attempt at a piece about my humble experience of the wine trade and a modest attempt to recognise problems people have with it. The point ultimately being to discover any opportunity to change this in some small way by doing things a little differently. I would love to think that for one; you made it all the way through reading this post and if you did that I touched on a topic that others can relate to.

I have opened a comments box on this post; drop a line if you think I'm way off the mark, or if you actually do share the same issue, what other problems do you face as wine buyers and what can us peddlers offer in the way of help?

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