We have light!

Hi all, 
Firstly; following a great Christmas, we wish everybody a fabulous New Year, and as the veil falls to reveal 2013, so does testament to our progress as we approach our humble opening in March. Here are a few pictures of the Glasshouse Cafe as the lighting is prepared to create the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy our wine, complimenting the fantastically prepared food on offer, freshly baked on site.

Fitting one of the original filament bulb cage lights

Oval bulb with spiral filament and rusted cage
Rusted cage surrounding a classic squirrel cage pear shaped bulb

The doves settling in their new home

Remember, all of the lighting will be available to buy in the cafe, along with almost all of the inspired, unique and beautiful, rustic, vintage pieces you will come across.

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Happy and prosperous New Year to you all; we shall certainly be raising our champagne glasses to all of our supporters and followers.